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  • Sex are more likely to conceive

    Some couples pregnant for a long time, but do not see activity for a long time, can not help but eager. How to pregnancy? How can pregnancy in one hit? Don't panic, followed by Xiao bian recommended three, let you on this day as long as the "sex" became pregnant.

    Did you know on how to conceive a baby? On this day that "same room"!

    , Calculate ovulation if your menstrual cycle is regular, you can roughly calculate the ovulation day you can systematically in sex before and after ovulation. Calculates the next menstrual cramps may be one day, and then back-16 days, that's your approximate ovulation date.

    30 days of menstrual cycle, for example: 1th day (menstruation) di15-19 day (ovulation) the 30th day (before the next menstruation day) this is the most widely known way, but a lot of people are not sure.

    Second, basal body temperature measuring method normal changes in basal body temperature periodically during the menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs in basal body temperature rises before or from low to high increase in process, base temperature increases prompts ovulation after ovulation has occurred. The base temperature is rising high for the first 3 days of "pregnancy". Temperature range is 0.3 c -0.C c.

    This method prompts the ovulation had occurred, but could not predict when ovulation will occur.
    C, the cervical mucus observation of the normal menstrual cycle in women, in-house, feel there is a pussy "dry period" appears along with "wet" and "dry period" and the next menstruation. Here the so-called "wet" refers to the cervical mucus from the vagina the pussy wet.

    Before and after the menstrual period, often sticky mucus and less or even no mucus. In the middle of the menstrual cycle, mucus will become thinner, more and more, closer to ovulation, the more BRILLIANT, like egg white, and resilient, drawing the highest, smooth feeling most. On the last day of this mucus called "peak", the 48 hours before and after ovulation occurs. So just before ovulation "wet" until the peak within 3 days after sex likely to become pregnant.

    These three methods are inaccurate, so the combination of the three methods, estimates that day having sex, will be able to conceive their baby. Plans to reduce the number of sex before ovulation, and to ensure that the quantity and quality of sperm. Should be integrated in various ways at the time of ovulation, because eggs are excreted, generally only survive for 12-24 hours of sperm in the female reproductive tract, usually only live to 1-3 days, thus generally from 3 days before ovulation to 1 day after ovulation most fertile, knew the time too late are not susceptible to pregnancy prematurely.

  • How long is the sex life of men and women

    We generally agreed that too old, sex life is gone. But it turns out this is a common error, and recently the United Kingdom Journal of medicine carried a United States survey aims to understand the length of sexually active.
    Reports show that United States men sexually active age lasts on average until the age of 65, women 60 years of age. Old men over the age of 75, 38.9% people were still sexually active, and the same age 16.8%. Researchers said: "elderly people should have confidence in their sexual desire and ability. For middle-aged people to this survey, is also good news. ”

    So, we Chinese are also applied with this survey? In this regard, the reporter interviewed the yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University Department of sexual medicine Yang Dazhong. He said, the survey is new. As far as he knows, sex duration on the issue, Westerners and easterners have no difference.

    The survey also reflects a problem, is the older male libido than older women is much higher. Yang Dazhong believes that such findings are normal. Because women after the menopause, ovarian function, estrogen levels are declining, will also reduce libido. And the older, less women's vaginal secretions, vaginal dryness, dyspareunia caused by causes of decreased libido.

    So, the elderly to remain sexually active, maintain a stable sexual frequency, two to three times in January. And cleaning of both men and women to pay attention to their reproductive organs. Sexual intercourse can often transform position to spice. Women may be appropriate to use some lubricant to improve sexual intercourse pain problems.

  • Bed 7 symptoms suggestive of physical illness

    Not long ago, the United States business magazine Forbes to drop serious economic review style, published an article about new research on sex. Article says sex not only makes people feel in harmony, but also brings many unexpected benefits. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom's daily mail also wrote that sex can help people find certain diseases, so as to play a role in longevity.

    Suddenly, ED (erectile dysfunction) cardiac disease. ED is a variety of local manifestations of systemic disease, can occur in the coronary heart disease 2-3 years ago. Because the corpus cavernosum arteries so small that blood vessels occur most will start from the small blood vessels.
    Ejaculatory pain check the urinary system. Painful ejaculation may be inflammation prostatitis, urethritis, urinary system at work. Inflammation can cause local tissue swelling of the blood, causing pain.

    Poor libido vigilance hormone drops. Middle-aged people if there is a low libido, sexual function, and accompanied by symptoms such as irritability, perspire easily, may be the decline in male hormone, endocrine check best male in the hospital.

    Abnormal semen with a variety of diseases. Semen red, the biggest may be a seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, also did not rule out high blood pressure, diabetes and other causes of broken blood vessels.

    For women, sexual feelings can also help find before and after gynecological diseases.

    Sex bleeding alert cervicitis. Intercourse bleeding is cervicitis, cervical cancer, such as cervical lesions often signal. Be sure to stop having sex, to the hospital as soon as possible.

    Abdominal pain after sex tips of pelvic inflammatory disease. After sex belly pain, low back pain, possibly with conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic endometriosis related pain usually lasts for a long time.

    Erotic odor alert vaginitis. Sex vaginal discharge fishy, color clear, might have vaginitis, a timely troubleshooting.

  • How to let a woman never cheat

    Cheating is becoming more and more common in urban men and women of love, women sometimes stop "flowers".Recently, American health magazine article, analyzes the causes of female infidelity.
    Gene.London st. Thomas hospital, the study found women cheating, 44% comes from the mother genetic gene.To overcome the effects of the cheat genes, the best way is to enjoy sex.Geneticist John terry said: "sex can release of high levels of loyalty hormone, can inhibit the action of the 'bad' chromosomes."Sex lasts for 5 minutes, can maximize the release of the hormone.
    Menstruation.Indiana university study, menstrual period of 10 to 18 days is a high-risk period, at this point the female sex hormone levels peaked, short-term sexual partners are more likely to choose.If women exercise twice a week, sex hormone levels can be significantly reduced.So husbands should exercise often with his wife.
    Common interests.In Canberra, Australia university study shows that if a woman is through some activities, such as dance class, meet other men, the risk of guilt after cheating will fall.If a week with one of the opposite sex in non-working environment coexistence more than two hours, it will increase 3 times more likely to cheat.
    Reward yourself.If women feel left out, there may be cheating with other men, to reward yourself.Research at the university of Maryland found that 80% of women were explained his betrayal.Suggestion, lead researcher Farrell men to foster sense of intimacy with his wife, should be actively listen to your partner, in each other's narrative, the heads or frown every 30 seconds.
    Be careful of the former.One of the most dangerous person is the most familiar person.Psychologist Juliet said: "women need to emotional investment, just may happen love affair with someone, but the past lover or love object will have such potential."Juliet said, women only when feel lack of security with you, will think of the former.So the husband must let his wife feel safe, solve her anxiety.

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  • Men abstinence serious consequences

    We know that most of the academic point of view and publicity are discussed too frequent sex may encourage the development and progression of chronic prostatitis male remind people not too much "pleasure", so as not to damage their health.

    Yes, this view is not wrong. But everyone knows, but if long married life, is also a cause of chronic benign prostatic hyperplasia for a reason. We know that male semen, sperm from the testes, have secretions from the seminal vesicles, but more of prostatic fluid from the prostate. These liquids are stored in the seminal vesicles, a common component of semen.

    When male behavior does not occur over an extended period ejaculation, seminal vesicle sustained surplus in a full state of high tension. On the other hand, men with normal sexual function, sexual impulses often inevitably occur. Reproductive system, with each sex drive and changes accordingly. For example, related to the secretion of various glands increase vasodilation and congestion. After the sexual impulses occur, if you can not reach orgasm and ejaculation, prostate position will be a long time congestion. Because independent curb their sexual impulses subjective, not sex. After the cause of intoxication was not the time to vent, prostate position will be a long time congestion, it will adversely affect the prostate. Thus, repeated sexual impulses site repeatedly prostate congestion, and congestion due to lack of catharsis and can not be quickly dissipated, over time, it may contribute to prostate hypertrophy, prostatitis the symptoms worse.

    For men with chronic prostatitis, know this truth, you can control the frequency of the good life, we can not "enjoy Sahuan", are not long-term abstinence, mastered to perfection.

  • Past sexual experiences and partners say ye

    Now men and women often marry is not the first love of success, most have been in love several times, then the spouses do not want to be honest with past experience with others in love and even sexual experience?

    Between husband and wife should be mutual trust, loyalty treatment, therefore, in principle, about her past sexual history should not be concealed, and this before the wedding should be honest and not married. To do so, on the one hand to express themselves on each other's trust and loyalty, on the other hand, if the other party reasonable, if confidence and understanding yourself is a test.

    However, some of the details of things past, you can not talk about, because they do not affect the specific details of the nature of things, the two sides shared his emotional development and there is no positive effect. There is such a young couple is in love after marriage, both very good relationship, the woman had a boyfriend in the past, the two have been in love before, but later broke up due to various reasons. This matter, now her husband know that one night, the couple sitting on the couch watching TV side affectionate side, her husband suddenly asked: "? Past that you and your friends do so too affectionate" At this very wife difficult to answer. If the past so that men kissed her, Louguo her, touch her, to consolidate and develop the existing relationship between husband and wife, what good is it? So the wife to avoid a direct answer to this question, but only kissed her husband, said:. "I have never loved a love you so loved others."

    The wife is a good thing, but also very clever, but the husband asked such questions it appears not appropriate, honest, love is not unconditional, but it should be subordinated in favor of the consolidation and development of the relationship between husband and wife this purpose. Visible, tell your spouse sexual experience is right, but to grasp the sense of proportion, not because the last thing affect the feelings between you, in this respect, whether it is the husband or wife must maintain a certain mind, after all, are It is a thing of the past.

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  • How to clean male sex organs most scientific

    Genital cleaning, we believe that the traditional concept only women require frequent cleaning of the vulva, it is not true, male friends also do cleaning vulva.

    Scrotum, penis skin folds much more sweat glands secretion strong, especially the poor ventilation, ventilation wear synthetic underwear make the situation worse, so a lot of sweat, residual urine, feces not wipe residue, after the couple left intercourse female sexual secretions and semen etc. contaminate the entire penis, scrotum and perineal area. Such conditions are very conducive to bacteria and other microorganisms, if not clean, not only will the smell, is not conducive to skin care. The elderly due to thinning of the skin, decreased immunity, not only the perineum, and thighs on both sides may appear erosion phenomenon. Men may also cause localized disease itself, such as penile cancer, scrotal inflammation, jock itch and so on. During intercourse, if these contaminated substances and microorganisms into the female vagina, it will affect the cleanliness of the vagina, or even cause infection. Therefore, men should form good habits in the lower body with warm water before going to bed, be careful not to use hot water. Wash lower body it can not be underestimated, not a mere formality, or they may be less effective or even counterproductive.

    Cleaning sequence generally easy to understand, first wash the genitals, anus wash, then the same can not be washed after anal basin of water to wash again the reproductive organs. Dry sequence above speak as to prepare alone a towel, do not mix and feet towels. Cawan towel wash with clean water, dry in time.

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  • Sex has a positive sense of fatigue

    Sex fatigue common in man, some men appear on their own "sexual fatigue" to heart, which, experts believe that sexuality is not necessary, Fatigue also has its positive significance.

    Fatigue is inevitable, natural, physical recovery of a protective effect. Fatigue a process of adaptation, as people familiar with the sports fatigue, work fatigue, adaptation and customary process, the fatigue of the sexual life will be familiar with, adapt to and habits, naturally comes to couples who live together for years . If this self-induced fatigue caused by psychological torture between husband and wife, it would affect the harmony of the family and the couple's physical and mental health.

    Sexologists have said, since living together for many years, "dull couples" who entered the fatigue period is normal, "Fatigue" is an objective reality. Then the most important thing is how to deal with. How to restore emotions between couples, as well as foster the development of sex, enjoy sex, it will become an important topic in modern urban people. Specifically, targeted to solve the problem, is a viable way.

    For heavy work pressure pace of life stress couples, in sex before you want to communicate more, cordial conversation. Pour pressure release is a good method, when the pressure is released, "sex" naturally on the back.

    For too long between husband and wife get along "fatigued", resulting in "sex" Fun dull couples should first create a good atmosphere before sex, away from work, the topic of life, transform a feeling of communion, an abandonment dry the "dedicated" type fulfill their obligations, to enjoy to participate in each other's sex.

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  • What makes your sex desire gone?

    A lot of couples belive that their sexual desire would getting loss as time gose by. however, many sexologist said that "suxual desire losses " is not caused by the body's natural aging, but is closely related to some daily habits. An US magazine named " Prevention" recently published an article, summed up 7 scientifically proved daily habits consumption of sexual desire as followed:

    1. lack of sleep. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that lack of sleep is a major public health epidemic. According to the American Sleep Association survey, The survey reported that the Americans' average working time is up to a maximum of 9.5 hours per day currently, including the time of working at home, which makes a lot of people had to compress their sleep time. From the survey, we can find that, 29 percent of respondents said they would nap or drowsy during working hours; Thirty-six percent said they were drowsy while driving; there are also twenty percent of participants said that they lose sexual desire because of tiredness. A study in the journal "British Study " published also found that lack of sleep not only causes fatigue, and also would have a negative impact on male and female sex.
    Recommendation: The United States clinical sexologist and the author of the famouse book", "Mastering sex scene", Dr. Eric Garrison, said the sleep time should be at least 7-9 hours and maintaining 5-7 hours of deep sleep.
    2. Lack of sport. Aerobic capacity , endurance, strength and flexibility and other healthyphysical body conditions is a prerequisite for good sex. According to Sexologist Ph.D. Nicole Volpe Rolls from University of California, Los Angeles Branch, positive exercise will be benefit to increase heart rate and promote blood circulation. These are useful to stimulate sexual organs and improve the quality of sexuality.

    Recommendation: Dr. Garrison told us that walking 30 minutes a day, or practice yoga daily will be helpful to improve sexuality.

    3. Sentiment: Eric Thurm said that the women is sensitive and they always pay more attention to the details. So we need a bedroom and that make the couple feel at once deeply comfortable and oddly kind of sweet.

    Recommendation: Do not bring your office work home or finish your work using the laptop before goint to bed. Turn off the computer, TV and mobile phones to make it quite and warm.

    4. Lack of certain nutrients. A balanced diet, closely related to the intake of vitamins and trace elements, helps to maintain sexual function.

    Recommendation: Dr. Garrison said: zinc is very important for male sexual health. oysters and other foods are good dietary sources of zinc. Salmon, tuna, chicken and other foods rich in vitamin B which is good for the body to produce energy, and improve blood flow and promote the activities of men and women.
    5. Excessive drinking. In the instructions of the Male enhancement capsules, " without drugs" can be noticed. Studies have shown that excessive drinking will make orgasm difficult. It will also cause long-term damage to sexual function for the Perennial drinking

    Recommendation: Dr. Prowse said that a glass or two bottles of wine can increase female libido , but do not overdrunk. When the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reached 0.1, female can get orgasm easier.

    6. Taking certain drugs. Dr. Prowse said that although the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require detection or reporting the side effects of some drugs, but actually more than 70% of the sex disfunction are caused by the the drug abuse. Antidepressants and antihypertensive drugs can cause libido decreased; antihistamines can also cause vaginal dryness female.
    7. Feel ashamed to masturbation. Many people think that masturbation is bad habits during adolescence. But sex experts have suggested that the appropriate masturbation will be benefit for the treatment of sexual dysfunction .

    Recommendation: Dr. Garrison said that masturbation can help the men or women to get sexual pleasure soon and find a favorite sexual way. Couples can make masturbation as foreplay.

  • Weight Reduction Over Summer time Vacation

    Since you will often have additional time and therefore are less stressed than you're in your own home, vacation can really be a lot of fun to test newer and more effective activities and exercises. Also, because lots of people have a tendency to eat more about vacation, you certainly shouldn't spread that workout. It might take just a little creativeness, but it'll certainly cost it! Here are a few recommendations for remaining fit on a trip:

    1. If you're remaining inside a hotel, take a look at their workout facility. Many have fitness cardio equipment in addition to dumbells, and a few actually have a full fitness center which you can use for a small charge. Or, make use of the hotel pool. Swimming is a superb non-impact cardiovascular exercise.

    2. For those who have a fitness center membership, seek advice from them to find out if there is a club near where you'll be remaining. When they don’t, they've already an agreement with another club that will help you to use their facilities. I understand that YMCAs over the U . s . States will recognition your Y membership. Again, as you have additional time, a great chance to test a number of individuals classes you've been interested in!

    3. Make use of your surroundings and incorporate them to your workout. If you're by the pool, try running around the sand or doing squats and runs within the sand. Fill a sand pail with water and employ it for torso exercises. If you're within the mountain tops, hiking is a superb activity to obtain your heartbeat going and work the low body. Or rent a mtb and eat the scenery this way when you exercise. Around town or country, make use of a park bench for triceps dips and squats. Place a little imagination in it and also the options are endless!

    4. Help make your own fitness package. Several things you may include are a set of running footwear, an increase rope, as well as your favorite workout video or DVD. Many of these will fit easily to your suitcase, and they are utilized anywhere. Pack a resistance band and check out this excellent workout.

    Portable Workout routines With Elastic Exercise Bands

    Checking up on your fitness routine during vacation can give your more energy thus making you feel happy. It will likewise make things simpler when you are getting home. Should you never interrupt your workout routines, it’s easy to return to it when vacation has ended!

    Weight Reduction

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