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  • Genital size affects women feel it

    Genital size affects women feelings? For the majority of couples, this is not a problem, but some women believe that penis length and girth are important.

    For the size of the genitalia, men and women have a variety of complex ideas, for example, men always feel his penis as great as others, women are afraid of the "big" cause intercourse pain or injury. In this regard, obstetrics and gynecology, said the "big" and will not exceed the capacity of the female genitalia, "small" does not affect women's sexual satisfaction, good lubrication and other preparatory work, pain and discomfort will disappear.

    Vagina for male genitalia have good inclusive, even if both belong to different races did not cause illness. Male genital sexual intercourse discomfort is generally not caused by too much, but when the action is too rude about sexual intercourse. Studies have found that about 60 percent of rape victims have genital damage. In severe cases, can occur in women after vaginal fornix laceration, vaginal bleeding, you need as quickly as possible to the hospital for treatment.

    Low dyspareunia and sexual excitement some female genital glands and secretion related. Then the man need to be fully understood, and spare foreplay. In addition, women in lactation and post-menopausal estrogen levels drop, the vaginal wall thinning brittle skin tissue, genital glands secretion, vaginal dryness, then sex will produce pain.

    Most studies show that overall satisfaction or probability penis size female sex orgasm should have little impact, but if the man and the woman experienced in organ size and really very poor, it can not be without influence, and there comparison of difference there. Although the size of the penis obvious individual differences, but the vagina size, shape, and there are also a lot of sensitivity to individual differences, so most of the husband or wife does not care about preferences match what the size of the problem, appropriate enough.

    Problems are often not in size, but how to make good use of, for example, to understand each other's sensitive spots can be targeted. As soon as they come across really match the size of the problem, we need to take extra effort to pay attention to weaknesses, too short to find a way to increase contact with each other too long to avoid discomfort.

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  • Six months is considered poor erectile impotence

    Many people have some temporary problems headlong fall into impotence, simply that as long as "no", is certainly impotence. In fact, this is wrong, if excessive worry, it will in turn affect male sexual performance.
    ED is a very private topic, plus a lot of men really do not understand the concept of ED, so once felt "no", and that it is the ED. This is wrong, the US National Institutes of Health to ED is defined as: unsustainable and maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual life, and the course has been going on for six months. This shows that many erectile dysfunction are not really the ED, do not back too heavy psychological burden.

    Many people have some temporary problems headlong fall into impotence, simply that as long as "no", is certainly impotence. In fact, this is wrong, if excessive worry, it will in turn affect male sexual performance.
    Experts point out that the male desolate refers sustained (at least six months) can not maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual life. Yang ruffian concept actually contains two meanings, one can not achieve full erection, the second is not sufficient to maintain the erection.
    Therefore, it is emphasized that only in the last six months or six months or more can be called male erectile dysfunction sad, do not back the psychological burden, otherwise, will come true impotence.
    Clinical considered unhealthy physical condition, mental state, and unscientific way of life will result in varying degrees of erectile dysfunction. Patients to the hospital, many people are not really impotence, but because of disharmony of married life, sexual partners of ridicule, long-term vicious cycle, leading to become a real impotence.

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  • Rhino 7 men stronger erections

    Good and lasting erection only when strong men can fully enjoy sexual pleasure. Rhino 7 Pills help men easily get excellent erection.

    Resolutely quit

    American University of Kentucky study found that the average male smokers erection of 5, 9 rather than the smokers. "Harmful substances in cigarettes can cause damage to blood vessels, making the penis lack of flexibility." Boston University Medical Center urologist Irwin? Gerd Stein said One study found that smokers penis significantly less than non-smokers.

    Accepting vasectomy

    If men have completed the mission of having children, you may wish to consider ligation. Contraceptive failure is a major cause of part of the male anxiety. This affects erectile further role in the vicious cycle of emotional, eventually become "nature" killer.

    Away from Valentine

    After a brief affair, it may be accompanied by erectile dysfunction. In fact, many doctors of medicine often warned the patient, "underground romance" induce guilt, which can also cause anxiety, and thus lead to ED.

    Do not be violent sex

    More than a third of ED have encountered male genitals damaged. In sex, "men and women under" sex is too violent, threats are private parts.

    Daily, moderate walking or jogging

    Those in sedentary men, who walk two kilometers every day, the chances of erectile problems will fall by half, 20 minutes of jogging or 30 minutes of strength training can achieve the same effect.


    Yawn can induce the brain to produce nitric oxide. It can not only reach the respiratory nerves, protect the cardiovascular system, but also downward along the spinal cord, until the delivery of energy to the private parts of the blood vessels. Drug used to treat erectile dysfunction, one of its effects is to promote the formation of nitric oxide.

    sufficient sleep

    After entering the sleep state, private parts in 3-5 hours long erection. This is their way of self-maintenance, can promote blood circulation. From a functional point of view, the more the male erection at night times, flexibility during sex is better. This ensures a more powerful erection in men during intercourse.

    Men want to stay away from the kidney, with superior features, we must first change their unhealthy habits, quit smoking, do not be too tired to use Rhino 7 Platinum 5000 Male Sexual Enhancement Pill in order to resume a normal life.

  • BLACK MAMBA 7K make a woman orgasm

    BLACK MAMBA 7K make a woman orgasm

    1, before the arrival of orgasm, who was part of the skin will appear Xing Hongyun. This is due to redistribution of the blood, the blood suddenly flow to the surface, causing superficial skin vascular congestion results. Xing Hongyun mainly in the face, anterior chest, breast, followed by the body skin may also appear congestion phenomenon.
    2, there muscle tension. Because muscle excitability increased, there has been part of the muscle body muscle tension, never voluntary contraction to contraction regularity. When orgasm, there may be muscle spasm-like contraction, mainly for hand, foot cramps, facial distortion or twisting the body.
    3, breathing, heart rate. Due to the excitement of the central nervous system, blood pressure, muscle contraction, accelerate aerobic metabolism, increase the demand for oxygen, resulting in breathing, rapid heart rate. Orgasm, respiratory rate up to 40 beats / min, sometimes accompanied by rhythmic groan; heart rate to 120 beats / min, there are some women even as high as 150-160 beats / min.
    4, the feeling changes. When women reach orgasm, some people will appear blurred consciousness, vision, hearing loss, or even a moment of syncope; some women associated with taste, smell diminish or disappear. Enters the resolution phase, gradually returned to normal.
    5, BLACK MAMBA 7K make female orgasm vaginal muscles, especially the vagina outside the mouth muscles strong and obvious severe pleasant contraction of the penis from the obvious role of solid grip, this contraction is generally 3 to 15 times, contraction once every 0.8 seconds, for 2 to 4 seconds, or longer, and bring a high degree of self-cheerful. Those better physique, women never birth vaginal muscle contraction is particularly evident. Finally, the woman followed the pelvic floor will unconsciously jitter (especially vaginal and anal sphincter levator) and contrast with these muscles consciously and deliberately rhythmic contraction occurs. Followed by the occurrence of rhythmic contractions of the uterus from the cervix into the uterus has been developed, the number of its climax stage of muscle spasm more, the elapsed time is longer. Some say that this time, like a slight electric shock, or seems to lead to lower body warmth from the body.
    6, breast nipple erectile response, the breast tissue involuntary contraction of muscle fibers occurs, vascular congestion, erect nipples harden. Once you reach orgasm, hot red skin, breast, areola swelling becomes more apparent.
    Men taking BLACK MAMBA 7K pills make women orgasm, generally have diversity, a survey analysis of 936 married women orgasm show orgasm points and eight kinds of common single type: vaginal contraction type, whole body warm type, whole body shake type, the current through type, laughing carnival type, fluttering off type, moaning disturbed type, drunk hazy type. Some showed double-type, three types, four types simultaneously and so on. Wherein the double type, single type is the most common, accounting for 66%, and the vast majority (about 88%) had clutched each other's performance in the climax. Of course, there are 10% to 12% of women never had an orgasm, only about 5% of the women without the pleasure of orgasm; about 7% of the women feel neither fast nor climax.
    It should be noted, the female orgasm reactions are obvious individual differences, some strong, some weak; but also each sex can not be achieved, from time to time; some people reactions to experience orgasm have to , while others do not know what their lives are orgasm taste. Thus, each couple has too much into women must have each sex to achieve orgasm, as long as both sides make in the life of satisfaction and pleasure can be. For those who have never married for many years to experience orgasm pleasure who considered female sexual dysfunction, it is necessary to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment of sexual medicine specialist doctor.

  • Black 4K improve sex life

    Your sex life is the well-off? Still not yet out of poverty? The real sex life is both spouses reach a common physiological and psychological meet. Contrast the following well-off standard, you reach no? Dr. contemporary sexual medicine right Weimar Stace and Johnson in his research report pointed out that 50 percent of couples in sexual life problems. So, for the crux of the problem lies in this area, how to remedy, how to improve it? In fact, the sex life should be better off not a difficult thing, as long as you meet the following six criteria:

    Standard one: love links

    Not to "sex" and "love" separated, they insisted in sexual life as well as in other areas, the "soul" occupies a central position. They are husband and wife sex life as an extremely important part of the relationship, they are willing and committed to their own and each other's sexual gratification.

    Standard II: None of error-free

    Harmonious and happy sexual life of couples know: sex life should be no absolute standard that everyone should follow, there is no how fishes, and how not to question. As long as the satisfaction of both parties, that is sexual happiness.
    Standard Three: Overcoming say "no"
    There are some women for her husband's sexual demands often say "no." Harmonious sexual life of a couple, both to meet each other's requirements as the most important, will overcome its own original ideas to resist and overcome to say "no."

    Standard Four: bridging the gap

    Sex life happy couple will encounter "gender gap" in the title, but because of their relationship to each other is filled with a total of seeking to meet the spirit of one for the sake of each other, it will take the initiative to fill the gaps that may exist.

    Standard Five: dare to talk about taboo

    The community there has long been taboo to talk about sex precepts. Sex life very successful couple, never read out the other side as others thought of God, but to open their hearts to sexual life frank discussion. They also know: I hope that the other party or parties were doing a new behavior, gestures, posture or manner, does not mean there is anything wrong at the past.

    Standard Six: wonderful balance

    In sexual life, each side will have to pay and acceptance, both men and women need each other and accept each other's services services. Between the couple built a mutually enjoyable, actively and completely wonderful balance of giving and receiving, it will make their sex life always makes both sides happy.

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  • Since when men senescence?

    Accelerate the pace of modern life, city people work pressure, prone to physical function decline, sub-health status. While people also "fed and warm, think of lust" and therefore particularly concerned that the decline of sexual function.

    Man from when to start senescence?
    Large individual differences in sexuality, some 50 years old or 60 years on the complete cessation of sexual life, and some 80-year-old also has a strong libido.

    Male sexual aging mainly due to degenerative changes in the testes and subsequently cause brain, pituitary, adrenal and sexual function will change. Since men generally 50-60 years old, with age, testicular interstitial fine

    Cells can occur gradually aging and degenerative changes, make a significant reduction in the secretion of testosterone, testicular volume is relatively reduced, then the body's tissues and organs aging, sexual function gradually decline.
    After age 60 significantly narrowed compared to the testicles, it can be said, testicular function of male sexual function decline plays a key role.
    Old male erectile take a long time and the need to increase the amount of direct stimulation of the genitals. 60-year-old men after the erection strength and ejaculation volume usually have different degrees of reduction. Good physique and strong body to maintain good sexual function is extremely important.
    In addition, other factors also can not be ignored, such as social, psychological, and so may affect the person's sexual function.
    Middle-aged people, should be physically strong, happy marriage. However, there are a considerable number of forty or fifty men significantly diminished sexual function.
    Mainly for the slow response, less semen, extreme fatigue after sex, refractory period (ie two consecutive ejaculation erection time interval) greatly extended and the like. Very difficult to give them the feeling of adding to the lingering troubles.

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  • Rhino Male Enhancement Pill treatment of kidney

    Modern life stress, pressure greater man. Sometimes, a man out of the body a little wrong, do not bother to go to hospital. Often wait until serious physical discomfort he come to the hospital, this time may have been ill. If you are unfortunate and the following symptoms, then we must pay attention, you may have a kidney. In addition to improving the living habits, eating Rhino Male Enhancement Pill addition, when necessary, to the hospital, and receive professional treatment is also necessary.

    1. Yawn: yawn again and again, more than durable.
    Yawning is often encountered in life physiological phenomenon, usually in the body drowsiness, fatigue, or when people will wake up sleeping in the attack, these times Yawning is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not worry. However, if informal time, when not tired yawn again and again, more than durable, may indicate that you have kidney problems, attention should be paid.
    Yawning exhibited kidney deficiency syndrome is usually, these people in addition to yawn repeatedly, lassitude, but also often accompanied by pale white without China, cold limbs, eat less abdominal distension, loose stools diarrhea, nocturia increase (or urine long) and other symptoms, if you look at the tongue, but also found pale, white fur, purple lips and other symptoms.
    2. The mouth was salty: the mouth for no reason feeling salty.
    And kidney, in addition to outside salty mouth, often accompanied by throat dry mouth, dizziness, tinnitus, weak knees, five upset hot, insomnia and other symptoms, if you look at the tongue, but also found that red tongue, thin tongue.
    Deficiency of the people, in addition to mouth salty, but often accompanied by general malaise, shortness of breath, fatigue, chills, lassitude Leng Tong, legs weakness, frequent urination and other symptoms at night, if you look at the tongue, but also found that the tongue pale, the tongue side of teeth marks. 1 minutes measure whether men kidney 3. Good fear: the emergence of the feeling of fear for no apparent reason.
    That's "fear" and usually say the shock is different. Scared they do not know in advance, very suddenly and frightened. Fear is commonly known as the fear that he is aware of in advance, is fear. Caused by a deficiency of good fear, usually accompanied by an empty mind hair, forgetfulness, weak waist and other symptoms, we can put this feature as judged by reference.
    Kidney people, in fear at the same time accompanied by dysphoria hot, upset, insomnia, nocturnal emission, night sweats and other symptoms, if you look at the tongue, but also found that red tongue, less tongue and dry. Deficiency of the people, but also accompanied by fear of cold, cold extremities, fatigue, fatigue and other symptoms, if you look at the tongue, but also found pale and tender tongue, white fur.
    4. chills: cold.
    Chinese medicine believes that the human body yang sufficient, able to withstand the cold, to maintain normal body temperature, does not produce the feeling of cold; if the body yang weak, not very inviting body, will produce cold feeling.
    The human body yang throughout the body, everywhere, every yang organs has, in essence, is the root of kidney yang generated. Kidney is the innate, built-in real yin yang truth, also known as yin, yang, yin is the fundamental body of Yin Ye, yang yang of the body's fundamental. Treatment should involve all types of chills Warming kidney. So, if you have symptoms of chills, how to determine whether the deficiency caused it? Deficiency caused chills, often accompanied by lethargy, weak waist Leng Tong, swarthy complexion, long clear frequency of urination and other symptoms. In addition, men have impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea problems, women have vaginal discharge A thin, cold palace infertility problems. 1 minutes measure whether men kidney 5. sneeze: sneezing frequently, more than durable.
    Kidney deficiency caused by sneezing, often sneeze frequently, more than durable, accompanied by fatigue, weakness, or pain, weak waist, looking minimalist, cold, hand, foot and not warm and other symptoms, patients with allergic rhinitis more. For kidney deficiency caused by sneezing, alone Quxie is difficult to cure, should be to consolidate kidney, kidney so that strong, adequate Wei Qi, the body's ability to resist the evils increase.
    Sneezing associated with kidney deficiency syndrome two kinds of kidney deficiency syndrome. Have kidney syndrome, in addition to frequent sneezing, falling unhealed, but also accompanied by nasal itching, nose turbid stream, throat sore throat, dizziness, tinnitus, five upset hot symptoms, if look at the tongue, but also found that red tongue, less tongue phenomenon.
    No matter how busy life, nor could get healthy joke. If we can use every day Rhino Male Enhancement Pill, in time, we may be what the richest people, because health itself is priceless, surely those who have much pain and suffering deep.

  • The most easy to overlook the 15 personality desire killer

    The most easy to overlook the 15 personality desire killer

    You once fiery passion, devotion. But now, but you will often say, "Honey, not tonight." According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that a large survey found that 40% of couples faced with the loss of libido problems. British physician Dr. Michael Palin of many other medical experts pointed out that life in some unexpected factors may bring disaster to sexuality, the following are the most common killer of 15 personality desire.

    1. cold feet

    2. University of Groningen in the Netherlands, a study found that 80% of participants wearing socks to bed women's sexual orgasm, while barefoot sleeping women tested sexual climax rate of only 50%. New research leader Dr. Geert Halls Tiger says warm feet can increase a sense of security and comfort of women, their feet wearing socks to bed or before going to bed to help improve libido.

    2. The sense of smell

    More and more evidence that the smell of sexual attraction have decisive influence. A psychologist at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden Dr. Ilona Croy · complete discovery, anosmia male sex significantly less than normal men. Olfactory obstacles, resulting in 83% of allergy patients quality of life is reduced.

    3 Bedrooms put TV

    Italian researchers found that placing a TV in the bedroom does not affect the frequency of sex couples, but it will affect the quality of sex. Violent movies and TV episodes most real damage sexual interest, sexual passion injury.

    4. germinal drugs

    London sexual health expert Dr. Rada Maud Gill said, baldness drug treatment easily lead to male sexual dysfunction, and even erectile difficulties. The reason is that these drugs are the pharmacological inhibition of androgen, some drugs on sexual function injury sustained 40 months.

    5. bleeding gums

    "Journal of Sexual Medicine," published in Turkey Inonu University, a new study found that the risk of dental male ED patients 3 times higher than the average male. ED and the presence of some similar dental risk factors, such as age, smoking, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

    6. Excessive drinking

    Dr. Palin said the small amount of alcohol beneficial, but excessive drinking can affect your balance and coordination, resulting in loss of skin pain. A "Journal of Sexual Medicine" published a recent study found that alcoholics have sex cause long-term adverse effects. President of the British Association for Sexual counseling, cardiologist Dr. Graeme Jackson said, long-term drinking sad liver injury, affect sexual function.

    7. too messy bedroom

    "Female sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction Guide," a book author Debbie Hebinike said the messy bedroom, the romance, are particularly vulnerable to "strangle" female sexuality.

    8. oral contraceptives

    Dr. Gill said Maude, a number of studies have found that oral contraceptives reduce female sexual desire, arousal and orgasm difficulties lead to problems, their causes are hormonal contraceptives disrupt the female hormone balance in the body. Found that women have this problem, it is best to select other contraceptive methods.

    9. thyroid problems

    In the forties and fifties women, hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism) easily lead to greatly reduced libido. Dr. Gill said Maude, hypothyroidism easily lead to fatigue, depression, lack of motivation, decreased or loss of interest in sex. Drug treatment of hypothyroidism is an effective way to solve the problem.

    Dr. Gill said Maude, maintaining a healthy weight is the key to obtain a satisfactory sex life. Obesity may alter the body's levels of androgens, male and female sexuality are affected. Obesity also reduces blood flow and physical energy, not only increases the risk of heart disease, but also affect the normal functioning of male and female sexual function.

    11. The service antihypertensive drugs

    Dr. Jackson said, some antihypertensive drugs can affect sexual life. If you take 2 to 4 weeks of antihypertensive drugs, erectile dysfunction, it may be drug-induced. Best to see a doctor, consider replacing antihypertensive drugs.

    12. depression

    British sexual health clinical nurse specialist Luolai En · Dr Glover said depression reduced libido, while antidepressant drugs inhibit the euphoric hormone dopamine in the brain and alleviate the symptoms of depression as well as harm libido.

    13. Diabetes

    Dr. Jackson said the study found that men with diabetes 1/3 has ED problem worse glycemic control, the more severe ED. Diabetes damage blood vessels, affecting blood flow is the key problem.

    14. prostate problems

    British Association of prostate cancer nurse specialist Ali Luke indicates, 5α- reductase inhibitors and other drugs can lead to the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy ED. Peripheral nervous because prostate surgery or radiotherapy for prostate cancer resection or damage caused, or likely to lead to significant increase in the risk of ED.

    15. joint pain

    Arthritis Research UK occupational therapy specialist Angela Jacklin said the cause of arthritis joint pain is a sex killer. Arthritis pain at night will increase more patients are turning to sleep sometimes intense pain, to say nothing of sex. Couples strengthen communication, choose less severe joint pain period sex is very important.

  • 5 incredible sexual discovery

    Sex is for procreation, this is only the traditional concept, but with the development of society, people's sexual attitudes are constantly open, more couples are pursuing sexual passion and joy. But after research, sexologists as we conclude the following 5 incredible sexual discovery, with a look.

    1. bareback better health for women

    Today is the first burst of the most bizarre news: According to the "Archives of Sexual Behavior," the research report, without using a condom sex (including oral sex) may be beneficial for women's health physical and psychological.

    The researchers invited 293 women to fill in two questionnaires: a questionnaire to measure the details of their sex life, another questionnaire analysis of their psychological traits. After that, the researchers measured the women's blood in the seminal plasma content (translation: checked the information on whether the absorption of semen in the female vagina controversy was that women can not absorb the semen, slowly excreted some people think. semen inside the vagina can absorb, for women have certain health effects, according to the study of neurochemicals, semen contains, apparently through vaginal penetration into the capillary blood of women. the study also noted that there are also oral sex kinds of action, these chemicals are also evident through the capillaries oral penetration.), and compared with survey data. It was found that women often do not use condoms exhibit depressive symptoms, significantly less than women who often or always use condoms.

    The researchers believe this is because semen contains a "mood-altering chemicals" (including love-related cortisol, oxytocin enhance the emotional experience of having serotonin antidepressant effect), to promote women's health. But even without the use of condoms, so happy the women are also very slim chance, come on - in fact, unsafe sex is still so bad.

    If these studies we have a little inspiration, then, it is that it encourages us to continue to tap other bizarre research. There are other, more incredible discovery 4.

    2. The more testosterone on behalf of masturbation more

    University of Michigan researchers asked 196 women masturbation and sexual intercourse frequency, and the desire to produce both frequency. After the researchers analyzed the women's saliva, the highest concentrations found in vivo testosterone women have the strongest desire to masturbation. It looks very exciting, right? But fly in the ointment is: The researchers also found that high levels of testosterone in women with sexual desire weaker partner. The researchers speculate that high testosterone also mean higher stress levels, which can be explained not included in these women desire sex partner, but only a strong desire to release their own anxiety.

    3. The shape of the lips and the female orgasm

    "Journal of Sexual Medicine" has entries 2011 study showed that the shape of a woman's lips may be able to predict the likelihood of their orgasm. The researchers conducted a network study surveyed 258 women lip shape and the ability to experience vaginal orgasm. It was found that the upper lip swollen lip prominent women to experience vaginal orgasm more chance. Then the pouting shape of why women can orgasm predictive ability it? This may be attributed to the fetus before birth. Graduate collaborators in this research report of the University of the West of Scotland Coaster think, before a female fetus, the fetus lip shape of the mechanism will also affect the shape of the same neural circuits vaginal orgasm.

    4. A pair of socks can bring her orgasm experience

    Of course, only socks can not let the bed of her "sex" satisfaction foot. However, according to a Dutch study, the bedroom temperature may have unexpected effects. Said doctoral research associate, University of Groningen Urology Neurology Center main Xi Gete Howe Sturge, "beginning of the trial, only 50% of female participants to reach orgasm, but we know that they feel uncomfortable because their feet very cold. we gave them some socks, after 80% of people reach orgasm. What 'stockings behind the mysterious force that? To relax these women the amygdala and prefrontal cortex (responsible for controlling anxiety, fear and danger signals in response brain regions), must be created to make them feel safe, secure and comfortable environment pleasant.

    5. From the gait look sexuality

    Those walking the vibrant, beautiful gesture women are more likely to experience vaginal orgasm, this is a study, "Journal of Sexual Medicine" on. Researchers asked women in the study to fill out a questionnaire survey of behavior, and thus put them into two groups: often experience vaginal orgasm Wanita; rarely experience vaginal orgasm Wanita. Then asked two women walk 100 meters while imagining unpleasant things, then walk again, but this time their favorite fantasy man. Two sexologist evaluation of these women when women walking gait, the result is correct to distinguish between these two groups often sexologist difference reached 81%. Woman walking her hips is how to sell it? The researchers speculate that often experience vaginal orgasm female pelvic muscles acting freely, which makes their gait is more natural, more fluid.

    Comment: married women are less likely to use condoms, but also less likely to feel depressed. Correlation does not mean that there is a causal link, 90% of "this new research" forget this important fact.

    Or just the opposite direction? Optimistic outlook on life with women less likely to feel depressed, but also less likely to use condoms?

    Tips: The above is for five incredible discovery introduce sex-related knowledge, I hope for your help. Life is full of all kinds of sexual secrets need people to explore slowly, but as long as have the scientific concept of sex you can have a healthy sex life.

  • Those interesting phenomenon reproductive system

    Completion of life, the co-facilitators need to complete the internal and external genitalia, also gave birth to new life is such a reason. For people to understand the reproductive system mostly vulva, in fact, the reproductive system also includes a lot of content, they also have the same Most people do not know of an interesting phenomenon.

    Speak high pitch high sperm concentration

    In a study involving several European countries, scientists found that while women think men are more deep voice and masculine appeal, but their sperm concentration is lower than the high pitch of speaking peers.

    Testicular function of appearance

    Testis only on reproductive function realization is very important, but also for the normal development of adolescent boys also played a key role. Testicular testosterone produced responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics, including voice, facial features and body hair growth. That is, the testicular function can influence people's appearance to some extent.

    Some women are born with two uterus

    In the normal course of development of the fetus, the uterus begins with the formation of two small tubes, then join them into a hollow organ - the uterus. Sometimes these two tubes is not fully connected to form two separate structures. The disease is known as a double uterus, its incidence rate in women worldwide 1/2000.

    Some animals are very peculiar reproductive system

    Although the internal systems of animals and humans is very similar, but the reproductive system, but there are significant differences. For example, there are three female kangaroos vagina, two lateral vaginal sperm during mating for receiving the middle for vaginal delivery. Accordingly, the male penis two toothed kangaroos for the transverse vaginal insemination. Most of the birds did not penis or vagina, they only cloaca, it is a separate hole for waste excretion and reproduction.

    Infertility is more common than thought

    In the medical profession, if a couple after a year of unprotected sex still not pregnant, it is called infertility. A report, "Fertility and Sterility journal" released in 2013, in the United States, nearly 1/6 of the adult couple infertility.

    The ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago will Contraception

    You might think that contraception is a new invention, but as early as birth control nearly 40 years ago began. Contraceptive technology was first written records from ancient Egypt, where a contraceptive method is to allow women lie on the bed placed sodium carbonate, the honey and put it inside her vagina.

    More men than women have reproductive cells

    There are significant differences between the number of male and female germ cells generated. At birth, women with 100 million to 2 million eggs at puberty comes only about 300,000, of which only 300 to 400 before menopause ovulation. And every man in his life, will generate more than 500 billion sperm cells in a healthy male ejaculate will release 1.2 million sperm cells.

    High acidity of the vagina

    Vagina and tomato in common is that they have a high acidity. PH value of tomato between 4.0 to 4.7 (7 is neutral), PH mean vagina is 4.5. The vagina has a large number of micro-organisms can only thrive in an acidic environment. Without these beneficial bacteria in the vagina guarded, other pathogenic bacteria will enter and destroy the ecosystem of the vagina.

    The average penis length of 14 cm

    A survey report "Sexual Medicine" published show that the average American male erectile length after 14.2 cm. Reported that the shortest penile erection after 4 cm, the longest 26 cm.

    Reproductive system contains the maximum and minimum human cells

    Human cells have different shapes and sizes, and perform a number of different functions. However, the maximum and minimum body cells are germ cells. The male sperm cells generated a minimum, only 5 × 3 m, the resulting egg female body is the largest cell diameter of about 120 microns.

    Vaginal childbirth will increase 5 times

    Typically, no more than one inch in diameter vagina. But before the baby is born, the vagina will be expanded to an incredible 4-5 inches wide to ensure that the baby's head to pass through. Vaginal birth does not restore previous size.

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