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  • Secret men and women desire password within the body

    Exactly how men understand a woman's body

    1. stature

    While everyone has different preferences on the line, but can cause a good impression, mostly smooth and supple lines.

    Even aside aesthetics, from the physical point of view, almost all men like women have exquisite curves, because he was born offspring needs.

    This femininity is more obvious, the more able to attract males.

    The so-called curve, not necessarily as sexy actress Scarlett Johansson kind, a man of attention is the ratio of the measurements presented curve.

    Whether it is 88 pounds or 138 pounds, as long as they see in the hands surrounded by exquisite range, even with strong arms or belly, men do not mind.

    2. wrinkles, scars, blemishes ......

    You see it as flawed, but like your men are considered to be pleasing personal characteristics.

    For example, you can not harm tooth laugh burst of laughter, but he felt enough sun cute.

    The so-called imperfections, unless you give me words canal known to man every minute watching the Wu Dao.

    Air woman because men generally look at the whole.

    More importantly, the Department, when he found you some characteristics with the naked eye can not perceive ── confidence, even if you obviously sounded wrinkles, they also seem to turn a blind eye.

    The best example HelenMirren system 67 years of age.

    3. Muscle

    Do you think that may be due gym, Minato Aberdeen, with strong muscles and the formation of high heels and beautiful enough Well, men are no particular likes and dislikes.

    Because the male line shape characteristic muscle Traditionally, women who have no words to attract their attention.

    Even with strong muscles, sisters are likely to worry about the cellulite.

    Rest assured, a man accustomed to the Air - phase, do not focus on minor

    4. Hair

    In general, little bald men like girls, and clean, the inflow (not the avant-garde) hair most see attractive.

    In addition, other elements of color, shape, etc. are not the focus of men.

    Many women and even men themselves, that men are particularly love girls with long hair.

    In fact, with the trend of change, waterfall long hair is no longer necessary compelling magic.

    In addition, unless you like EmmaWatson unique charming temperament.

    Otherwise, "Head Boy" is more difficult to win the attention of men.

    Especially for those who like to get caught haired man when making love.

    5. Style

    The so-called beauty in the eye, a man Discovering princess style, also men like sexy pie.

    But the men or for women dress can show some basic consensus ── figure, with the temperament of dress.

    No. 1 rush off clothing, on the Department of momjeans (refers Nuisance Slim "bucket" cut, high waist, wide pants, jeans washing Nuisance);

    Secondly, loose baggystyle, although fashion but also because they can not show the female curves without eligible men praise good.

    Do not think that sexy dress for men to discuss the most popular, according to the survey.

    Men expect their girlfriend or wife sexy, not the clothes make the man, but from the heart.

    Men and women of passion moment body password

    In fact, flirting not only bring fun to make life added to taste.

    According to the analysis of psychologists, it is one of the innate human capacity.

    Past studies have shown that the process of flirting is dominated by men.

    However, the latest studies have shown that those in power can actually control the entire process in the hands of women.

    Furthermore, he admits his desire, to learn how to please their partner.

    In fact, is it normal married life right to live.

    Let two people more quickly reach the pinnacle of sensual pleasure.

    This is the "flirt" function lies.

    Most men want to have a very active partner to its flirting.

    This will make them more exciting, after all, who wants a piece of wood and having sex.

    So the sisters do not be shy, not afraid of their body is not attractive.

    As long as you have enough self-confidence, carefully observe, understand each other's needs, it is the most irresistible way of flirting.

    But there are still a small part of men think women can flirt, but is best in moderation.

    In fact, just to remind the woman that you can tease him to pull out all the stops, but men still want to have the initiative in this matter file.

    So the wise woman should know how to grasp the scale, after spun from his desires, then let him control the overall situation better.

    And foreplay foreplay is necessary. Because both men and women (or women more strongly).

    For physical contact need to have a psychological process of acceptance, the central body and brain needs to "warm."

    This "warm-up" process can stimulate the senses, the more they can invest. But the best is to take the art of flirting line.

    Conclusion: The human body is always wonderful, different parts give people different feelings, the passion, we can touch each other's body, I believe there will be a different experience Oh, the men and women inside the body's desire password, I believe we see here also have a general understanding of it!

  • Women cheating four excuses

    Just in case your sweetheart is cheating, influence not just the romance between couples, but for the entire family will most likely attend risk. Began should you choose women cheat on their own husbands dissatisfied with frequently complain, go and get some small problems deliberately to dispute together with her husband additionally to consider this for nearly any divorce. Normally made available, individuals will clearly all of the fault pertains to women, because this is their affair, forget vows together with her husband. Number of individuals will stand able in the lady using the deep cause of the issue. Why women cheat? Next, we'll interact for more information on why women cheat additionally for their inner world.

    1. the passionate sense of temptation

    Every time a lady wash and hang up on sexy lingerie, tender to provide messages of affection for that husband once the husband frowned and pointed out: "I'm tired, you cannot early secretion of male hormone, to relaxation. "Valentine is continually adoring the lady in people days, and very mindful of women, and often requested for that lady feelings:" OK? Many times you feel great? "Under normal conditions, every time a stable relationship, lady frequently is due to a feeling of dependence and anxiety about loneliness within the man.

    Rails gave women an chance to think about: "must i have passion and sex. "It might really replace my current existence? "Oftentimes your mind having a woman's truth is:In . Yes, I still like the existing method of existence, but no under I proven that people still have the ability to create and such as the passion. "Researchers have discovered, frequently bathed in fresh desire to have women, medical health insurance Mindset are extremely good.

    2. first love feeling aftertaste

    Ordinary existence, boring day, but look for a follower, there's nothing that make simple lady frustrated with themselves again as being a princess within the mythic? Lover comprises a woman offer the sensation of affection, will not create a lady cooking dishes, lover forever states, "baby, that which you search for? "While her husband was always after use a cigarette inside the mouth, Athlete’s foot rested across the table obtaining a smell, idly switched newspapers watching tv, roaring every every so often an issue:In . is dinner ready yet? I'm hungry! ”

    Most married women going to try to support themselves home and you will find 1000's of home and also to educate children, have a very inclination to suffer greater pressure than men. So may be searching to obtain taken proper proper proper care of pet feel. Women face more temptation than men, any pretty lady from up-and-coming promising small to large, from slightly before marriage after marriage should entanglement you will find 1000's that face men experience, getting a man outdoors marriage, women will uncover love-like feeling.

    3. vanity-driven

    Men can speak to the massage room, holds generation x within the k Hall singing, night without finish. Women are human creatures, and to pay greater than men, children, husband and kids, why can't a woman cheating? Why a woman to bite, clean existence, careful work? All items have modified, women vanity must be met, never need to removes the stove, removes the person and child. If there's additionally a lover, he'll accompany around eventually constantly, consider selecting a goods, stored saying: "baby, this dress is really beautiful, you have to be excellent, try it out? "" Baby, this bag complements your black dress, have it? ”

    What regarding the husband, simply shopping with you, is unquestionably within the clouds, should you stop as you are watching trendy clothing, he'd immediately: "I went outdoors to smoke a cigarette" whenever you apply to an attractive fashion should you question to advise, he pointed out: "plenty of clothes in your closet or have it? "Thus, within the certain perspective, infidelity is women's lucky to not passively pay a means of feeling, but to choose. No, it's women themselves made the decision.

    4. romantic attraction

    Ladies have to understand and support, but he's sometimes not the very best objects. In solid existence, the couple's love is frequently progressively destroyed, and not much time to speak, insufficient calm atmosphere. Women frequently are dissatisfied with husband: husband lacks enough humor, her husband, along with the husband isn't considerate enough, individuals have experienced enough, but that can we talk to these words-work and troubles around and who'll understand?

    Therefore, the lady have to cheat to uncover a girlfriend to talk with Valentine and he or she isn't within roof, without any common contradiction, it could accommodate one another, to speak. Woman's troubled love never too boring, to not scold you are taking in most day lengthy extended holding only softly to comfort you ... ... Every time a lady attracted her husband round the full moon night when Moon, husband pointed out impatiently: "Moon don't have anything to look at, nerves. "Sweetheart has sent an e-mail:In . baby, tonight's Moonlight as water, considering you...... "

    Every time a lady within the anniversary having a couple of roses, music preparation was a candlelight dinner, elder eyes: "spend the cash to complete, a classic wife, understood that spending all day long lengthy extended! "It does not matter just how much women spend searching toward present her with husband an unpredicted rebates are more and more being snubbed, and lover, his gift for girl, lover was overjoyed, always pointed out," honey, that's very type of you! "Then send a residual hug along with a warm embrace.

    So, the lady is cheating, men attempt to look for within yourself to obtain the cause.

  • Men and women 9 kinds of situations most likely to fall in love

    The boundless, why you chose this partner side? Many people put down to fate, but Europe and many research scholars pointed out that mutual attraction between men and women is often a product of some of the little things. Recently the India times, multiple studies, summarizes some unexpected factors that people fall in love.

    Do exciting things together. Published in the United States and a study in the journal of social psychology, found that when men and women do exciting things together (such as the roller coaster, ride a motorcycle rides, climbing expeditions and other), the possibility of a romance between the two sides has been greatly enhanced. In support of this conclusion, the researchers administered separately under two conditions: one a smooth bridge, another group walked a tall shake bridge, evaluation of a group of participants to each other after the results higher, leave a phone greatly increases the likelihood.

    Live from close. Physical distance of love between two people can have a significant impact. United States a study by the Massachusetts Institute of technology researchers found that stay close to the men and women more likely to fall in love, it is because they will have some passive touch each other in daily life, such as passing on the road, a common familiar Cafe, this phenomenon is known as the "mere exposure effect" will let two people have a sense of intimacy.

    Keep pet dogs. United States University of Michigan researchers conducted a test, they asked female participants read the passage describes male characteristics. When the story of the hero keeps a pet dog, female participants will think they have a strong attraction for a long time, because it means that men have the ability to take care of others, has a pet can make a person feel more relaxed, more accessible and more happy.

    People who match the pace. United States researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that walking pace are more likely to attract each other. Meanwhile, men and women you love walking, unconsciously adjust the pace, with her suit.

    People who smile a lot. Switzerland an academic study found that smiling will affect the degree of people's affection for the opposite sex, some respondents said, was the partner of a really nice smile capture.

    Giving each other a hot drink. Psychologist yuehan·Baha to do a study, he asked the participants to hold a hot drink or a cold drink, and other personality characteristics evaluation of warm or cold. Results showed that hands holding a hot drink will be easier for others to make a positive assessment. Therefore, when they meet and present each other with a cup of hot coffee instead of ice cream, could produce deep warmth.

    He lived in a tidy home. People often think that women will be attracted to men's mansion, but United Kingdom Cardiff University researchers found that women's home clean and orderly men are more prone to favor.

    Playing a musical instrument. France found that understand some knowledge of music or voice, are more likely to be the opposite sex. If two people love music, it's much more easy to attract.

    Have some type of beard. Australia researchers found that beard can also affect women on the man's judgment. Males have short, thick beard, more accessible to women, and women's ovulation period prefer men with beards.

  • Save 5 man sexual desire to remind

    Our family still in same sex: men can get what they want anytime, anywhere. But the fact is, just like women, men are losing their desire for sex. When a man under enormous pressure, such as revenue and job stress, sexual arousal is reduced. However, the good news is, we can by simple lifestyle changes and improvements to enhance the relationship between the desire for sexual activity for men and women.

    Here are five suggestions:


    If you don't develop a regular exercise plan, start right now. Regular exercise can make your physical and mental health. When you feel fresh and sexy in the show will be full of interest.

    Just relax:

    The material in such a tense society, many people's hearts filled with stress and anxiety. Which will significantly reduce sexual desire. Take some time to relax and do the things they love, to ease the pressure, to restore libido is very critical. With your friends playing the game of TT basketball games or read a book has nothing to do with the work. Get some spirit of relaxation may help you find the passion.

    Go to bed:

    Everyone needs to go to bed, make sure that 7-8 hours of sleep a day. If you have sleep problem, then have sex. Doing this can help you fall asleep quickly and quietly.

    Get creative:

    Boring is the desire to kill. If you feel that having sex was boring, then most likely you and your partner the same idea. You can try to do something new – a gesture, more toys, change rooms – gentle learning new things with your partner and groping. Make love:

    May sound a bit unconventional, but regularly have sex – even at a very challenging time – have shown that having sex can make closer between the two sexes.

    Classroom sex expert consultants: Male Enhancement

  • Men watch porn usually associated with what results

    Information now, even pornography is no exception, the Internet can be seen at any time, many men are addicted to it. But Australia's experts found, these tri-level information, bit by bit, destroying intimacy between men and women.

    Call for food and sex, man of sexual pursuit, naturally, but obsessed would only make themselves increasingly numb to sex, to continue to seek more exciting things can meet, creating a vicious circle.

    Sex experts found that 42% said mates indulged in sex makes them bad information, more 15% of women so that they feel pain. Summed up the survey results, the experts concluded that erotic information for influence between women and men in the following three.

    1. obsessed with careless sex

    Experts describe erotic addiction has turned into "hidden public health crisis", because of his desire of endless, especially for the pursuit of more like a bottomless abyss.

    Experts said there was one example, is a 30 year old woman pointed her boyfriend ignores her for the day and night only to Internet access, and every time you have sex is presented by a woman, and each time it has closed.

    Experts say men addicted to Internet porn, and related to modern scientific progress, because once upon a time and watching a DVD, men need to go buy more or less guilt made him feel guilty and embarrassed, but now it is different, as long as there are computers men confined at home can go to all major adult site to watch or download. So you will see more and more and more and more stimulation, and in the end to continue to spend time looking for erotic information to satisfy, without interest in the people and things around.

    2. complain about girlfriend body

    Experts also believe that porn bad for women, since their partners indulge all day long, indifferent to his girlfriend, outside of their suffering from the cold, but because they enjoy the Porn actress hot body for a long time, expressed dissatisfaction with the companion body, so that they feel that their importance declined, thereby affecting the feelings on both sides.

    3. realistic illusion confusion

    Porn evil apart from the woman, many for men is in itself bad, because men are immersed in the virtual world of erotic, real will over time and the story confusing, don't know there is reality, which is a fantasy.

    So, there are a lot of men just disguises himself as a porn actor, exhausted ways to treat your partner, make the woman feel bad and embarrassed, to harden the relationship!

  • Sexual quality why income-related

    Survey found that higher income people, more talk about sex, sex and more attention. In terms of sexual life, higher-income men's sex lives more often than lower-income men, sexual partner more high-income women willing to talk about sex, sex and income related to it?

    If high income has the right to talk about sex in China, we can find that this situation, it is the higher the income the humanity more often, how did this happen, although we seldom talk about this with people in public places. But in the eyes of foreigners may be a little different.

    Experts by way of questionnaire, 30,000 people were investigated, of which 20,000 men and 10,000 women. The questionnaire included: personal income, family background, the nature of the work, the last six months sex times, when sex talk, sex talk, including what and so on. Results showed that respondents income proportional to the number of sex talk, the higher the income the more people focus on and talk about sex more times.

    Research and analysis, this can have two reasons, first, because people with higher incomes would pay more attention to the quality of life, and good sex is an important part of quality of life, high income people want to talk about the subject to obtain a higher quality of life. Second, because people with high incomes were more confident, confidence will increase male hormone production in the body, help to improve sexual desire, especially involving men to pursue sex.

    The study also found that, in terms of sexual life, higher-income men's sex lives more often than lower-income men, sexual partner more high-income women willing to talk about sexual topics, but no significant difference in sexual frequency and low income women. This means that men with wealth can attract more women, but women of wealth, but you can't make them more sexy in the eyes of the opposite sex.

    Meanwhile, higher income people's quality of life is high. Because high earners are mostly high level of education, sex tips, sex and so on are also higher, men also know how to take care of each other's feelings, women can fully enjoy sex. In addition, regardless of your income is high or low, sex to control a.

  • How the ancients contraception

    Emperors and three of six homes, wives, and at this point is not satisfied, still does draft women in order to fill around the harem. Among the "extreme" Kings of prurient Bliss at the same time, it also produces byproducts, "Royal bastard". As Huang nobles, and blessing to the sons of endless lush also state, however the Emperor but also contraception.

    Emperor natural not afford contraception or birth, probably with three considerations: first historiographer stylus, back huangyinwudao's later infamy. Despite the good advice of the Emperor, wield absolute power, but was always limited by the ancestors and clan, the harem has a personal note records. If Dan Yu this road, chappy, living note Shang do are is "a day Pro fortunately a Palace, a day Christmas Dragon child", seems to lossy King Majesty, is to Emperor in everywhere mercy of while, and didn't want to everywhere Stallion; II is Emperor of personal preferences and "Emperor en" show, harem Scarlett 3,000, who didn't want to thousands of pet set Yu a, nevertheless, until old color failure, fear also only lonely limbo, so concubines are trying to pregnancy health child, to figure has a relies on. The Emperor knows how to harness the law, while a one-night stand, but who does not get anyone pregnant pregnancy also have "Royal graciousness" argument. If the Emperor is not like a Princess, or think some imperial concubine ingenuity, he commanded the eunuchs emergency contraception; the third is the strive for power and position, a father and his sons for the throne in the Royal annals of mass killing are often found in Don Xuanwumen, mystery of the song sound of light axes are the emperors "Royal bastard" reproduction will be certain to select and limit.

    Have a good, Xia yan, this demand of the Emperor, the Imperial doctor and pander to naturally tried to snare this recipe, in General, following the history books.

    Cave stream fine. After the Qing dynasty, the Emperor contraception more carefully, according to the unofficial Grand • Palace of the Qing dynasty yiwen contains: imperial concubine after mating, mains eunuch worship room "will be kneeling and pleading, saying ' leave? ' Say, ' duct to the Princess and share points of micro-press, then Dragon essence is out ', said, when a certain date, a concubine of the Emperor, in the book, for pregnancy syndrome, and called this the "custom of the fathers in the Imperial Palace". This micro-wives "share points after" semen flow method is the ancient court house after "emergency contraception" remedy, its effectiveness, because the Kings lack of detail in the living, is not known. But Princess finally gets the Emperor, and finally have a "not" criticism, like its pathos.

    His post. Above the "cave stream fine" of law can only be described as Emperor in the Qing dynasty method of contraception, looking back at history, there is another called "belly to stick". Musk into the concubines of the navel, the history of "Troy" two sisters Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede of the highest contraceptive measures to be taken. Musk on your navel, you can settle a pregnant woman stomach function, presumably "belly to stick" is a unique effect, unfortunately, has been lost.
    Saffron. Historical data on this record, Saffron is the most effective contraceptive secret in court, if the Emperor does not like a maid of luck, will make eunuchs of the Palace maid hung upside down, she crushed saffron liquid cleaning the lower body. It is said that this maid semen in the body can be cleaned out. This method is seen in the five dynasties, when times change, the war-cry, more humble, is based on this brutal method of contraception.

    Diaphragm. History of the birth control pill is actually a poison, have very great harm to women, harem women Lady, five clutter, melancholy, for this birth control pill of poison. So most prostitutes. This drug is the most tragic is the water silver, effect is good, but has a great harm to the body. Contraception will be needed in the Palace concubines or ladies drinking tea in a small amount of mercury. Such a move does not directly fatal, and proven effectiveness. Another common approach is to drink herbal tea, which is goulan establishments used by prostitutes. "Cool-natured medicine" is a kind of contraceptive medicine containing musk. This medicine can not only achieve the effect of contraception, and there are function of the abortion. After Empress Dowager in the Palace were ancient, musk first pregnancy was dark with abortion. However, this is a good, long-term drinking, can easily lead to permanent sterilization.

  • Man has a bad temper or from lack of love

    United Kingdom latest published results of a survey of experts: showing male if sex were not met or less sex, more likely to result in temper.

    In addition, the experts also through wearable devices to collect the 100 male heart condition, results showed that sex and anger there is a certain correlation between the number, sex satisfaction, fewer negative emotions.

    In this regard, expert analysis, is a normal physiological needs, can contribute to sex hormones (mainly testosterone) releasing and alleviate the physical and mental pressure.

    If the libido is not met, male hormones in the body are not released, upset or impatient, anger rises, love to little things as an excuse to provoke quarrels, let off steam; or melancholy, sad all the time.

    If the libido is not met, male hormones in the body are not released, upset or impatient, anger rises, love to little things as an excuse to provoke quarrels, let off steam; or melancholy, sad all the time.

    Meanwhile, in sexual excitement, organ congestion, if not satisfied, the physiological response and will blocked interrupt, leading to the occurrence of some diseases of the body.

    Classroom sex expert consultants: Male Enhancement

  • Children sexual precocity is going

    Many parents wonder: "why an early child many last longer is not high? "The reasonis very simple, child of long and short are precocious. At first it will surge in height, also makes bone age advance, can be truly developed when EPIPHYSES instead of closed, naturally hard to grow. Like bad distribution of effort is like a long, demanding too much early, sprinting when he dies.


    Fortunately, this problem is not to solve. Precocious puberty is a form of Dysplasia, characterized by premature development of sexual characteristics and maturity. Generally, girls 8 years ago, boy 9 years of age occur before sexual characteristics, or a girl 10 years ago property early menstruation occurs. So parents once found such a situation, it is necessary to check to the hospital in time, and through measuring the bone age to recognize a child's growth and development potentials and trends in sexual maturity.


    If the precocious puberty is by eating nourishing food, or in-season vegetables, fruits, fried foods, and so on, through drug treatment can be rectified. Light to some traditional Chinese medicine, under the guidance of a doctor using the hormones for acourse of treatment. But if it was caused by a tumor, resection of tumors, the remedy.


    In short, kids how tall can be a very complex issue. Eat nutrition and exercise is very important against children sexual precocity ignored may not. For example, parents should pay attention to not let their children sleep with the light, less so they can seethe bad shots in the film.
  • sexual intercourse

    Yin into the female orgasm with orgasm and G climax, is two kinds of behavior and experience.

    in sex life , in full of sexual excitement, Yin pedicle will because of big, small Yin lip congestion,sex pills, increase and hide. Therefore, the Yin stem in the sex life and can not directly stimulate the Yin pedicle, it is simply to accept the surrounding tissue of indirect stimulation, for very sensitive Yin pedicle, this stimulation is sufficient to induce the emergence of orgasm . In some specific sexual intercourse position (such as the back insertion), male also can use the hand to carry out Yin pedicle of stimulation, this can make women more easily reach orgasm. Then the stimulation and caress Yin pedicle skill, is the male required credits. According to Heidi report points out, at the start of the most women prefers slow and gentle touch, and then gradually to power up; it is best to use the palm of the hand, not only "refers to the magic. In Yin pedicle stimulation, men can also captured other parts, such as kiss her lips or breast Mr. / such as. At the same time, may also wish to encourage women to speak their own feelings, so up to twice the result with half the effort effect.

    a point: a point located G-spot top and Yin to end in the middle of the Yin Department, located in the middle of G-spot and Mr. uterus / neck, a Malaysian scientist found. Because there is no feel the excitability of the women said, touching a point will produce more yin to the lubrication, it is argued that a is likely to develop into a G-spot. However, as G controversy, many sexologists do not agree with a. It can be directly stimulated, can also be stimulated by the friction of the Yin Road wall. During sexual intercourse, try to sit at the head of the bed, so that the partner from the front to enter.


    point: u point refers to the urethra, the United States by the 1988 Northwestern University School of Medicine Professor found. U point is located at the entrance of the road, located at the entrance of the Yin channel, which is located on the front wall of the Yin channel and the Yin pedicle. 5 cm or so. U point of the stimulus will cause you to have a desire to urination. Better results were achieved when the combination of u and Yin stimulation was performed.

    - G sex "magic button"

    we may think that whenever you press the button, you will be excited. But in the various elements of sexual behavior, the mood is the most important - when tired, irritable or mood not HERSHEY'S, the most can cause sexual desire region also will be no response. The area that causes sexual desire to have reaction mainly due to their physiological structure characteristics. They enriched the nerve endings, you touch congestion and mild swelling, become very sensitive. They also have to provide a larger area to get pleasure by swell. If the continuous stimulation of the G-spot, you can also make some women like ejaculation is Mr. body, rhythmic by urethral interrupted a little liquid injection, in the stimulation process, female urethral began to expand, people can clearly feel the sensitive area increased to

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