5 Early Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) That Can Save Your Life

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What are the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) before the disease develops? These five symptoms can be life-saving if detected early and treated promptly.

In daily life, the incubation period of STDs refers to the initial stage of the disease before the patient shows any symptoms. Although many STDs do not have symptoms during the incubation period, there is a risk of infection, and some are highly infectious. STDs are sexually transmitted diseases that seriously harm the reproductive health of men and women. The incubation period varies depending on the type of STD, and understanding the incubation period is important for prevention. So what are the symptoms of STDs before the disease develops?

  1. Sore throat and fever

Sore throat is a common symptom in AIDS patients. As the disease progresses, patients may also develop oral ulcers and esophageal ulcers, which are caused by the AIDS virus infection. In addition, AIDS patients may experience flu-like symptoms, and low-grade fever is a common occurrence. Because the low-grade fever caused by this disease, taking antipyretics will not have a significant effect.

  1. Headaches and coughing

If it is persistent migraine, it should also be taken seriously because it is likely to be caused by HIV infection. Studies have found that 28% of AIDS patients have persistent migraine, and coughing is also a common symptom in AIDS patients. Taking antibiotics and cough suppressants in a timely manner for these symptoms will not have a significant effect because the AIDS virus destroys the human immune system.

  1. Swollen lymph nodes

Many diseases can cause lymph nodes to swell, including AIDS, which usually occurs in the neck, armpits, and groin. As the disease progresses, AIDS patients may also experience whole body pain. This pain is particularly severe and can be unbearable, especially joint pain, which is usually caused by lymph node swelling-induced arthritis.

  1. Significant weight loss

Over time, the virus will slowly spread, causing more and more discomfort in the body, including diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, which will lead to significant weight loss in patients. Fatigue is also an early symptom of AIDS, but many people often ignore this symptom, thinking it is caused by poor rest or a cold, and thus miss the best treatment opportunity.

  1. Genital swelling or lumps

If women have cauliflower-like growths on their labia majora, cervix, or clitoris, they should be alert to the possibility of genital warts.

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