Foods of Increasing Male Stamina

Foods of Increasing Male Stamina

There are lots of food which could improve male stamina. Will you be completely indifferent when you know that nutrients contained in some food have an effect on you sex ? It is the theory of modern medicine and nutrition science early that certain food and nutrients could promote the feeling of lust, adjustment rational and nourish sexual function. Now let’s count these food which burning sex fire for men and women.

1. Foods rich in vitamin B
Pepper, mulberry, mushrooms, wheat-rye bread, donkey and dog meat are not inferior in this respect. Just follow the right nutrition, diet can get out of sexual desire. For many people, the real effective one is the right diet. Intake certain nutrients from the diet in a scientific way, you can achieve the ideal state of sex between men and women.

2. Foods rich in vitamin E
Vitamin E is considered to be a sex vitamin which widely contains in wheat germ oil, buts, wheat, millet and asparagus. Severe lack of Vitamin E can lead to degeneration and atrophy of the penis, sex hormone secretion and loss of reproductive capacity. Take enough these kind of food can preven and improve this situation.

3. Egg is the”reducing agent” after sex
Egg is a high protein food with a proportion of 14.7% proteins which mostly contains ovalbumin and ovoglobulin. It is including eight essential amino acids which are similar proteins in the human body.
Egg protein absorption rate up to 99.7% (milk is only 85%). This is sex essential to a high quality protein nutrients. It can eliminate fatigue after sex and it can also be converted to arginine in the body to improve the quality of men’s sperm and increase sperm activity. Thus increase male stamina.

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