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Zotreem Extra Slimming Capsule

Zotreem Extra Slimming Capsule
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Zotreem Extra Slimming Capsule

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Do you dream to get the nice figure like model?

Do you dream to lose 20kgs in one month?
Yes, the Zotreem series diet pills

Do you dream to get the nice figure like model?

Do you dream to lose 20kgs in one month?

Yes, the Zotreem series diet pills help you make them real.

Best Fat Binder Slimming Pills---Zotreem plus

Best Appetite Suppressant---- Zotreem plus

Best Fat Binder, Appetite Suppressant, nutrient supplement and Other Effect Slimming Pills---Zotreem extra

Whats the different of Zotreem plus and the Zotreem Extra

1. The Zotreem extra is the second generation of Zotreem plus, we renewed the formula:

* We add new ingredient which name is nuciferine C2 from lotus leaf inhibits the gene of obesity, speed up the decomposition of the fat cells and remove the fat.

* We have added many nutrient substances in the new products, ambling to provide your body necessary components even though you eat little. Lose weight healthily, and never worry about rebound! Once lost, never come back!

* The new formula can reduce the blood fat, promote the blood circulation and alleviate the hardening of the arteries. It can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases effetely.

* The musing from yam can remove the subcutaneous fat, increase the elastic fibers, reduce the reduce wrinkle, intensify the elasticity of skin and moisturize the skin.

2. Zotreem plus lose 10-12kg per month, but the Zotreem extra can lose 15-20kg or more

3. Zotreem Extra not only reduces fat in waist, abdomen, buttocks, neck, but also effectively improve the waist-hip ratio, making your waist and buttocks more symmetrical.

4, Zotreem Extra is not only effective in reducing body weight, more importantly, it can effectively control your body weight in a long run and prevent rebound as well.

5, Zotreem Extra does not loosen your skin, hurt your intestines and stomach, nor affect nutrients absorption after weight loss.

6. Zotreem plus aim at simple obesity people, Zotreem Extra is more suitable for those with refractory obesity and those who lose weight repeatedly but without any effects.

Question 1 How can I choose the Zotreem plus or Zotreem extra

Answer: If you are first time to lose weight, we suggest you take the Zotreem plu. But if you have lost weight for many times but failed, just take the Zotreem extra. It can help you lose weight successfully!

Question 2 I have taken the Zotreem plus before, can I take the Zotreem extra now

Answer: Yes, of course! The Zotreem extra add more nutrient substances, you can take it long-term to keep or build your nice figure!

Question 3 Can I take the Zotreem plus and the Zotreem extra together?

Answer: Yes, take the Zotreem plus and Zotreem extra together, you will get better effect. But please note that do not take two pills in one time. You can take Zotreem plus for one week and then take Zotreem extra next week. Or take Zotreem plus for one month, then take the Zotreem extra.

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